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News from a shamefaced so called blogger

Well what can I say – suppose I am on the road to being a one hit wonder in the blogging world, life and Christmas just seemed to take over.  It’s not even that my foray into the crafting world has been a disaster – far from it really I managed to sell four fairies, three pixies and six tutus over two months.  I was only supposed to be at Edwinstowe craft centre for one month but the ladies that run the unit invited me to stay for another month with no further standing charge taking me up to Christmas, admittedly at 50% commission they could see a nice profit but at least they could see some potential in my products.

It has also opened another opportunity, I have been approached by someone who has another unit near Rotherham and she wants to sell my fairies.   This will give me a chance to review how much to sell my fairies for and negotiate on a better commission rate!

As an experiment it went well, I made some cash, proved that there is a market for what I make, made me some new friends and another avenue to follow – all in all not too bad.

New Years resolutions?  Be a better blogger – will try harder.

Happy New Year to you x



Made some sales!








I think I should be more excited than I am, I have finally managed to make some sales.  I sold a Tutu and Razzly, one of my fairies (sat third on the right in the photo between Crysta and the pixie), both of these sales were at Edwinstowe Craft Centre where I had to inflate my usual prices to cover my costs so I am really pleased that someone appreciated my work and was prepared to pay. The feedback was good too, people actually think that my work in under priced so I really need to think about where I go with this bit of advice.

I have also sold another tutu and got orders for 4 others.

This is good I know and I am beginning to be in profit and I know, I know I should be happy – but – two things are bothering me.

Firstly there’s Razzly (biker spririt, she has no time for fairy duties only time to feel the wind in her hair and party).  I sold her for money to someone I don’t know, a stranger for goodness sake! She won’t be coming home and her space on the shelf will be there to haunt me.

Secondly, it’s starting to dawn on me that if I wanted to make a living out of crafting alone I would probably end up homeless and starving (though on the plus side I could probably do with starving for a while, I would probably fit into my party dresses again!).

Anyway, I have to go on, so, the next challenge is to get an outfit sorted to Sunday.  It’s Victorian day at the Edwinstowe Craft Centre and I really going to have to make an effort to do what does not come easily – get out there and talk to people about my craft.  Maybe getting dressed up will help me, give me something to hide behind.  It’s so much easier telling people how good everyone else is, maybe I should promote someone else’s craft?


Time to reflect

Well if people count then Kenny’s Party went well, there were lots of crafters there including a Build a Teddy stall which cost me dearly as four of my grandchildren decided it would be a good idea to take one home so I managed to spend muchhhhhhh more than I took (story of my life as it happens, still you can’t take it with you).  Got two orders for tutu’s though, shame I agreed to do one for free, still in my defence it was in a good cause Jeanette from the Guide Dog for the blind group has decided she is going to jump into the sea at Hunstanton to raise money for their association and bless her she wants a pink tutu to wear on the day – come on what could I say!  Also had to make one for my grandaughters Build a Ted effort when we got home (couldn’t afford outfits for them all too) – still think she looks just as good in my effort.

As it happens Gillian (Kenny’s mum, by the way did I mention that Kenny is a black labrador and retired guide dog?) had also built her own bear, which was suprisingly a black labrador with a Superman Outfit and she asked if I could embroider his cape with “Super Guide Dog” which I did in a fashion as it was made with two slippy fabrics and machine didn’t like it.  Anyway, this got me to thinking about embroidered ribbon for my creations and tried it out.  I had also been worried that if I did sell a tutu then I would have to put it into an old plastic supermarket carrier – not classy! (as it happended no need for worry here!).  Anyway to cut to the chase, this is how they look – the ribbon says “WITH LOVE TUTU YOU”, I think if I can ever decide how much I should try to sell them for then they would make a nice gift (with a Tutu inside of course!).

Not sure I’m really getting the hang of this crafting, can make things sure but need a degree in marketing I think and obviously a head for figures, neither of which I possess so will probably be working full time pushing a pen till I’m 70 at least. Especially if I have to support four new teddies as well as an unmentionable amount of children and grandchildren!

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Kenny’s Party

Got to get my thinking cap on and come up with some goods for Kenny’s Party tomorrow, this is taking place in Claypole Village Hall and really is worth a visit if you can spare the time.  Have got some fairy headbands sorted and a tutu but really need lots more, so must dash and keep you updated later – if there is something you fancy please leave me a comment.


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Now at Edwinstowe

Finally made it, managed to get a variety of tutu’s and fairies into Edwinstowe where they will stay for the whole of Novemeber. Was pretty chuffed as sold a tutu with matching headband and ragdoll fairy whilst setting up to the the lady that runs the unit, this is probably a false dawn and nothing else will go but hey Believe!

Please give me some feedback on how you think it looks. Got to move now as got Kenny’s Party at Claypole Village hall on Saturday, yes this Saturday, and nothing as yet to put on a craft stall I have promised to have. If you are local please come along and support a real good cause, most of the proceeds from the event go to Guide Dogs for the Blind and some of the dogs come along to support the event – along with the owners of course but the dogs do steal the limelight.
Display at Edwinstowe Craft Centre in a unit called Enchant.

I will be posting through the week the things that I can create for this weekend, so if you see anything you fancy let me know – if you can’t get to Claypole at the weekend send me a comment and I can create something to order.

Diversions kick in – again!

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I have been diverted from hitting my deadline with regard to getting my fairies and tutu’s ready for display at the Edwinstowe Craft Centre again.  Still as it’s my granddaughters birthday on Halloween then I can’t really complain, live fairies have to come first.  So apart from cup cakes I had to finish her witches costume, so hence I am up at 5am to get it done before I head of for work – hope she likes it (sorry about the picture, still it is early!).Still a little time left to sew a few more fairies so better get going.