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Diversions kick in – again!

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I have been diverted from hitting my deadline with regard to getting my fairies and tutu’s ready for display at the Edwinstowe Craft Centre again.  Still as it’s my granddaughters birthday on Halloween then I can’t really complain, live fairies have to come first.  So apart from cup cakes I had to finish her witches costume, so hence I am up at 5am to get it done before I head of for work – hope she likes it (sorry about the picture, still it is early!).Still a little time left to sew a few more fairies so better get going.



Little progress – but every little helps!

Well managed to finish one more tutu with a little help from my friends, got a bit manic yesterday babysitting for grandchildren and soothing troubled waters for my daughter, also got two houseguests who I think wondered what at hit them with a house heaving with friends and family and then getting roped in to do the catering at the village hall for the local line dancing team .  Happy days, slept well though!

Just one more tutu for Edwinstowe I think, I want to make some matching small faries which are more suitable for young children too – no pressure then!  Maybe tomorrow.

Did get some feedback from one grandaughter – she liked to tutu’s and wanted to model, and a very good model she makes – what do you think?

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Gotta get going!

Its 6.30 am and here I sit wondering how I am gonna get everything sorted for November, I think I underestimated how much I would need to do (as usual!).  I need to get all of my girls finished, there almost there but it takes so loooooooooong to do the finishing touches.  I need to complete more tutu’s (my friends are hopefully coming to the rescue today on this one – thank you ladies) but more importantly I need to think about how I use the exposure at Edwinstowe to set up some momentum to carry on.  I’m not trying to make a living out of this at the moment (but boy it would be good if I could then I wouldn’t have to keep pushing pens to earn a crust) but the journey is interesting.  Makes you realise it’s no good just having an talent if you want to set up a business there is a whole bunch of things to worry about like budgeting (how much did that tutu cost to make, keep sticking bits on but then you have to put a price on it), marketing (how can I get what I do out there, well here I am!) not to mention health and safety, the taxman and on an on, really makes me admire the guys out there in the real world and not fairyland!  OMG I must get on – speak soon.

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Edwinstowe Craft Centre

My fairies will be visiting the Edwinstowe Craft Centre during the month of November, please come along and take a look at them.  There will also by tutu’s for the little fairies in your life.

I really hope you can visit us – maybe a little magic will rub off on you – you just need to believe!

I will try to get some pictures loaded up for you to see before then, got some pixie labour coming in over the weekend to get some tutu’s created.

Watch this space for more over the weekend