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Made some sales!









I think I should be more excited than I am, I have finally managed to make some sales.  I sold a Tutu and Razzly, one of my fairies (sat third on the right in the photo between Crysta and the pixie), both of these sales were at Edwinstowe Craft Centre where I had to inflate my usual prices to cover my costs so I am really pleased that someone appreciated my work and was prepared to pay. The feedback was good too, people actually think that my work in under priced so I really need to think about where I go with this bit of advice.

I have also sold another tutu and got orders for 4 others.

This is good I know and I am beginning to be in profit and I know, I know I should be happy – but – two things are bothering me.

Firstly there’s Razzly (biker spririt, she has no time for fairy duties only time to feel the wind in her hair and party).  I sold her for money to someone I don’t know, a stranger for goodness sake! She won’t be coming home and her space on the shelf will be there to haunt me.

Secondly, it’s starting to dawn on me that if I wanted to make a living out of crafting alone I would probably end up homeless and starving (though on the plus side I could probably do with starving for a while, I would probably fit into my party dresses again!).

Anyway, I have to go on, so, the next challenge is to get an outfit sorted to Sunday.  It’s Victorian day at the Edwinstowe Craft Centre and I really going to have to make an effort to do what does not come easily – get out there and talk to people about my craft.  Maybe getting dressed up will help me, give me something to hide behind.  It’s so much easier telling people how good everyone else is, maybe I should promote someone else’s craft?


2 thoughts on “Made some sales!

  1. She’ll be fine. These works of art will be loved and cherished by their discerning purchasers. Xxxx

  2. By the way Harriet would like as pink a tutu as possible and matching headband. Xxxx

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