magic happens


Who am I? Good question, I have been asking myself that question a lot just lately. I think I am a creative person trapped in a non-creative world – or maybe I just kidding myself! I have tried lots of ways to be creative over the years, creating an individual home, cooking, sewing, knitting, crochet, machine knitting – you name it really, trying to fit things in around working full time, bringing up my kids and then grandchildren.

I always loved fairy stories though, all through my life I wanted to believe in a world of magic and as my kids grew up and left and I was just left with a full time job full of stress I started to create my own fairies in the hope that they would scatter their fairy dust and make everything better.

And then I got to thinking if I could create some magic products maybe they could buy my way out into another world. I don’t think they can really but you have to believe. I will try to show you some of my creations and maybe you could tell me if I’m just dreaming?

Even if I am – I still believe!

Let me know what you think but don’t be too cruel – fairies don’t only bestow good things.

Linda Checkley


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I think there Fab Linda can we buy them Astrid

    • Hi Astrid

      Thank you – yes the idea is to sell (bit like selling your children for me!) problem is I don’t really know how much, but I’m gonna have to make my mind up soon because I have committed myself to displaying them for a month and the clock is ticking!!! I can’t sell the ones I have at the moment otherwise I wont have any for display but I will try to keep this blog going so you can see what’s happening – I could make you one for you, I usually start with a colour scheme?

      Love Linda

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