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Time to reflect


Well if people count then Kenny’s Party went well, there were lots of crafters there including a Build a Teddy stall which cost me dearly as four of my grandchildren decided it would be a good idea to take one home so I managed to spend muchhhhhhh more than I took (story of my life as it happens, still you can’t take it with you).  Got two orders for tutu’s though, shame I agreed to do one for free, still in my defence it was in a good cause Jeanette from the Guide Dog for the blind group has decided she is going to jump into the sea at Hunstanton to raise money for their association and bless her she wants a pink tutu to wear on the day – come on what could I say!  Also had to make one for my grandaughters Build a Ted effort when we got home (couldn’t afford outfits for them all too) – still think she looks just as good in my effort.

As it happens Gillian (Kenny’s mum, by the way did I mention that Kenny is a black labrador and retired guide dog?) had also built her own bear, which was suprisingly a black labrador with a Superman Outfit and she asked if I could embroider his cape with “Super Guide Dog” which I did in a fashion as it was made with two slippy fabrics and machine didn’t like it.  Anyway, this got me to thinking about embroidered ribbon for my creations and tried it out.  I had also been worried that if I did sell a tutu then I would have to put it into an old plastic supermarket carrier – not classy! (as it happended no need for worry here!).  Anyway to cut to the chase, this is how they look – the ribbon says “WITH LOVE TUTU YOU”, I think if I can ever decide how much I should try to sell them for then they would make a nice gift (with a Tutu inside of course!).

Not sure I’m really getting the hang of this crafting, can make things sure but need a degree in marketing I think and obviously a head for figures, neither of which I possess so will probably be working full time pushing a pen till I’m 70 at least. Especially if I have to support four new teddies as well as an unmentionable amount of children and grandchildren!


3 thoughts on “Time to reflect

  1. Kenny’s Mum could not do without this mad adopted sister – her creations are literally fantastic, unbelievable, your best childhood fairy tales brought to life. By the way we raised almost £500 for Guide Dogs bringing this years total so far to almost £11000. Thank you cherished friends and family xxxx

  2. Great blog loved the rabbit in a tutu and the carriers are so much better than plastic ones loads of love Sally

  3. Hi Jeanette here the one you kindly making a Tutu for free if you want to do a fashion show I do not charge for modelling it.
    Really appreciate what you are doing for me you are a very kind lady

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